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Vintage Polka Dot Dress

January 4, 2019

Oh, boy, do I have some exciting new vintage shops to share with you! And they carry the prettiest dresses and skirts that I have ever seen! Get excited! I will be gradually sharing my favorites throughout the year so you can have some unique shops up your sleeves where you can start purchasing and building a one of a kind wardrobe that everyone will be jealous of.


Vintage has quickly become my secret weapon when it comes to defining my personal style. I have found several romantic shops that perfectly fit my personality and have tons of one of a kind pieces that I am dying to buy. Shopping at my favorite vintage online stores has become the first place I look for new clothes. It is amazing that I have never bought anything vintage until a few months ago and now it is all I am shopping for.

I found this adorable vintage polka dot dress from a shop called Nafiinu. Polka dots have always been a pattern that I love and they have transcended through time and never seem fail to go out of style. I love adding a new polka dot piece to my wardrobe. Especially when I find a unique color that I didn’t have already. This tan color can be worn in any season and paired with all kinds of different colors. I liked adding all neutral accessories for a more casual and minimalistic look but then I threw on some of my personal flair with a pop of color.


Nafiinu currently has a lot of cute vintage items with a few vintage-inspired modern pieces. Some other pieces I am obsessing over is this baby blue plaid skirt that would be perfect for a spring/summer time picnic or activity. I also really love this black daisy print skirt. It is the perfect winter floral print and would look extra sharp with tall black boots and a black turtleneck sweater. Then there is this dreamy rose print shirt dress with muted pink tones. It is a dress I would wear on repeat around town any time of year. If you are looking for some vintage polka dots you cannot pass up this adorable and classic number in white or this romantic sheer long sleeve brown polka dot dress is another must see. I also can’t get enough of this playful red dress that looks perfect for any kind of outdoor activity. These are just a few of the items I love but all of them from this shop is worth a peek. If you are a vintage dress lover like me you are bound to find something that can fill a void in your closet.


Let me know if you find a beautiful vintage piece at Nafiinu. I would love to see what caught your eye! And stay tuned for a vintage post where I will be sharing all of my favorite online vintage shops with many of them that specialize in romantic styles and dresses! I can’t wait to show you more of my favorites! Have a happy Friday!!

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