Window Seat View is an everyday account of my life. I want to share everything that inspires me from travel, fashion, and health.

I have been traveling all of my life. Sitting in the window seat looking at the world underneath me. Travel is always a beautiful adventure. The truest form of happiness is experienced when seeing a new place. Travel gives you the freedom to push outside of yourself in order to learn who you are. With every new city, there comes a life lesson.  I strive to travel to new places as often as possible. I will share my inspiring journey here on my blog.

Ever since my Grammy and Mom started taking me on shopping sprees for my birthday Fashion has become my art. I am passionate about the creation of eye catching style. I am constantly pushing myself in the discovery of new ways to style an outfit with a focus on every detail. We are lucky to live in a world with so many inspiring humans. I am constantly in awe of fellow fashion bloggers with their constant hard work. Their dedication inspires my everyday life and fashion sense. I hope to create content that will inspire every woman to express themselves with fashion, it is beautiful seeing a woman use clothes to express the freak inside.

I want to teach people the importance of taking care of themselves, and it all starts with mindset. Being healthy is different for everyone. If you want to lose weight for a vacation coming up or if you’re fed up with the extra weight you have put on, a diet is not going to solve your problem. It is a lifestyle change. It is a change in your daily habits and routine that will help you achieve your goals. I will share all my tips for a healthy lifestyle to help boost confidence through the inside that will shine through the outside.

I am just getting started, learning and improving as I go. Starting today I will have new content every day, I hope you will read and enjoy!

Thanks for the love and support!

Jessica Ryan