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Holiday Skirt Outfit

December 9, 2018

         Are you a festive dresser? Do you like decorating yourself as much as the Christmas tree this time of year? If so, you are in the right place. I love expressing my holiday cheer through my outfits. The more cheesy glitter, dazzling bows, velvet, red, green, silver and gold, the better. In fact, […]

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Zero Waste Pantry

April 23, 2018
Zero Waste Pantry

Going waste-free is a real commitment and lifestyle change that is going to take a lot of discipline and some time to get used to. But starting this journey today will bring so many benefits to your life and the well being of all living things on Earth. So I suggest you cut waste out […]

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Customized Stationery with Basic Invite

February 19, 2018
Basic Invite

      How to Stay Productive at Home I recently created customized stationery with Basic Invite and now I am hooked. Having the pretty paper to write down all of my thoughts helps keep me happy and organized when working from home. Ever since I started writing this blog I’ve had to find ways to keep […]

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