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Mountain Towns: Beaver Creek and Vail

November 9, 2018
Beaver Creek

   The last week of September my family enjoyed a little mountain escape to Beaver Creek during the peak of the aspen trees changing. We had our fun exploring Beaver Creek, Vail, Avon, and Edwards when the landscape was a cheerful sight in every direction. Having a whole week off to explore these towns in […]

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Autumn Picnic in the Mountains

October 26, 2018
Fall Picnic

           One of my favorite simple joys in my abundant life is enjoying my morning coffee with a view. Mountain views, ocean views, rolling hills, gardens, and historic brick jungles is everything that speaks to me. If I could start my day with a beautiful view every day I would feel at […]

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Raspberry Picking at Garden Sweet Farm

September 22, 2018

               Raspberry picking is a labor of love. My love for fresh sweetness packed with full-bodied nutrients means I am putting in the all the work in order to reap all of the nutrient-dense rewards. It is quite a different experience foraging food for my benefit and enjoyment. It is amazing […]

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Flower Picking

August 21, 2018

When I am around a lot of flowers, I can’t stop smiling. Flowers make me extremely happy especially fields of them or a large garden full of them. I have always been a big flower lover and have worked as a floral designer on and off for many years at the grocery store. Being around […]

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Strawberry Picking

August 17, 2018

            One Saturday morning Adam and I headed off to Berry Patch Farms to pick some flowers but had no idea what would be there to surprise us. As soon as we arrived we were welcomed with the news that there were ripe strawberries, the best the farmers have seen all year, and they […]

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Summer Outfit in Crested Butte

July 28, 2018

The town of Crested Butte is blooming with color and creativity. It is the most charming mountain town that I have wandered through. There is a historic Mainstreet full of local shops and restaurants, and the neighborhood is filled with the cutest homes I have ever seen. Perfect little mountain cottages that look like the perfect […]

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